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Stonehouse - Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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We makes our Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil by tossing fresh rosemary in with ripe, mild olives at the time of crushing, a 100% natural process that captures and preserves the fresh herbal essence of rosemary in all its complexity - bright and warming, plucked-from-the-garden flavor!

Drizzle over cheeses, meats, soups, or eat it alone with bread, a classic pairing. As always, our oils are first- and cold-pressed, and grown herbicide and pesticide free.

    Harvested: Oct 2020 - Jan 2021

    Quick Uses & Ideas:

    • Great drizzled over grilled meats.
    • A must with potatoes, be they grilled, mashed, baked, or pan-fried.
    • Brush onto grilled bread before making Bruschetta.
    • Pair with Napa Valley Rub to pan fry or roast chicken or pork chops.
    • Rub on peach halves and grill for an easy, sweet and savory dessert.
    • Blend with ricotta and serve on toast with prosciutto and figs, as an appetizer or snack.
    • For baking, try making any olive oil pound cake with our Rosemary Oil (and Lemon if you want a gorgeous combo)!
    • Sprinkle on popcorn with our Black Truffle Sea Salt.
    • Drizzle over salted caramel ice cream.
    • Scroll down or visit our Recipe Page for more ideas!

    Pairs Well With: Napa Valley Blendpork chops, turkey, chicken, potatoes, steak, roasted root vegetables, cauliflower, asparagus, salmon, in pasta with parmesan, soups, beans, walnuts, oranges, lemons, olives, popcorn, Black Truffle Sea Salt, Lisbon Lemon oil, Basil oil, Dark Balsamic Vinegar - especially aged!


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