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Stonehouse - Oil Cutie Gift Set

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Our Cutie Sampler Set contains five 1oz bottles of our bestselling extra virgin olive oils - just enough to try in a dish or two:

  1. Basil EVOO - award-winning!
  2. Garlic EVOO
  3. Blood Orange EVOO
  4. Lisbon Lemon EVOO
  5. Hot Chili EVOO

If you're new to Stonehouse and want to try a few oils before committing to a bigger bottle, shopping for a gift, or just want to try something new, the Cutie Sampler Set is the perfect solution!

Set includes a booklet with information about Stonehouse, and each of the olive oils with quick uses and ideas.

We make Cutie Spice Sampler Sets as well, or check out our Cutie EVOO +  Cutie Spice Sampler Set Combo!