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Stonehouse - Jalapeño Olive Oil

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To make our delicious and medium-hot Jalapeño Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we crush fresh, ripe jalapeño peppers together with late harvest olives, a process that fully captures the flavor and color of the pepper, creating a bright, aromatic oil you can use in any dish that calls for a little extra heat and flavor.

Use it is just like you would a hot sauce, or it's a wonderful ingredient to have on hand for any recipe that calls for chilis.

As olive oil is both a natural preservative – literally preserving the flavor of fresh jalapeños – and a conduit for flavor, our jalapeño oil is a no-brainer for a clean, medium-hot flavor any time of the year. As always, our olive oils are all first- and cold-pressed, and grown herbicide and pesticide free.

Harvested: Oct 2020 - Jan 2021

    Quick Uses & Ideas:

    • Try it wherever you normally use hot sauce.
    • Drizzle over tacos or pizza!
    • Stir into your hummus or guacamole to add a fresh jalapeño note.
    • Add to mayo and aioli for a spicy spread.
    • Make spicy grilled cheese (sub Jalapeno oil for butter in the pan or use a little of both)!
    • Make our Jalapeño & Herb Croutons - fabulous as a snack, or with salads and soups!
    • Mix with fresh lemon or lime juice to make a marinade for shrimp, halibut, cod or ceviche.
    • Use in place of fresh jalapenos when making your own salsa - try it in our Tomatillo Avocado Salsa or Mango/Pineapple Salsa recipes.
    • Jazz up your avocado toast or eggs!
    • For a great side that always gets devoured: caramelize chopped zuchini rounds in regular olive oil, add a healthy sprinkle of OMG spice at the end, and finish with Jalapeno oil.
    • Add to your next pot of rice with our Ferry Building Blend for a delicious and versatile side.
    • Scroll down or visit our Recipe Page for more ideas!

    Pairs Well With: lime, lemon, avocado, seafood (especially white fish and shrimp), rice dishes, garlic, poultry, sweet potatoes, vegetables, salsa, mango, pineapple Persian Lime oil, Garlic oil, Chipotle Honey, Jalapeno Lime, OMG