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Stonehouse - Organic Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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This certified Organic Arbequina extra virgin olive oil from Colusa county is bursting with a fresh, grassy aroma, rich, creamy, green tea-like notes, and a peppery finish with just a hint of bitterness. It's everything you want in an Arbequina oil! On average, extra virgin olive oils range between 100-250 mg/kg polyphenols, but ours clocks in at 276 mg/kg polyphenols!

As always, all of our olive oils are all first- and cold-pressed. This delicious oil is best as a stand-alone or finishing oil, for dipping fresh bread, making pesto, and dressing greens, vegetables, and grilled meats. Try using it to make our Everything Herb Sauce for a blow-your-socks-off condiment to your next meal.

Harvested: Oct-Nov 2020


10L photo credit © Erin Scott