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La Colombe

La Colombe - The New Yorker - Medium Roast

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Sweet, Fruity, Nutty

There’s nothing like winter in New York City. Long strolls down snow-covered streets. Crisp air catching your breath. Finding the perfect gift for the perfect friend. However you enjoy this time of year, warm up with this offering from La Colombe and The New Yorker. May its flavor help you delight in the magic of the season.

Excellent coffee has always gone hand-in-hand with an excellent read. That’s why we’re honored to bring together The New Yorker’s commitment to quality journalism with La Colombe’s commitment to making people happy with quality coffee. Welcome to where your intellectual itch meets your coffee fix.


The New Yorker® is a registered trademark of Advance Magazine Publishers Inc. Used under license. Illustration by Tomi Um.