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La Colombe

La Colombe - Peru - Light Roast

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Fudge, Mandarin, Toffee

Blend Notes
Easy Dreamer is a fully-washed coffee grown by 20 smallholder farmers in the Cajamarca Region of Peru. The range of elevations in the area allows for a diversity of microclimates and provides a natural protection for the growing coffee plants. Not far from where the coffee farms are found in Jaén, a beautiful mix of landscapes, rice plantations, and a hidden, cascading waterfall named Velo de Novia surround the area. 

Blend Ingredients: 
Coffee is a product that is deeply rooted in the culture of Peru. This light and aromatic cup shines with vibrant notes of fudge, mandarin, and toffee flavors. Enjoy it while drifting off into a casual daydream, imagining bright days over its luscious taste.
Available in 12 oz