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La Colombe

La Colombe - Ethiopia Guji Natural Light Roast

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Bright, Citrusy, Tangy

Why You'll love it:
This rare Ethiopian micro-lot reaches new heights of intense fruit flavor. The coffee is dried for over two weeks in its cherry, creating an intoxicating, juicy coffee experience.

Story of the Bean:
As the ancient birthplace of the coffee plant, Ethiopia grows some of the most dynamic and exciting coffee in the world. This coffee, from the Mulish washing station in the Guji zone, is the product of a community grounded in hundreds of years of farming tradition and skilled in modern processing techniques.  The Guji Natural exhibits some of the most vivid and exciting flavors possible in coffee. 

How It’s Made

  • Location: Guji Zone
  • Mill: Mulish
  • Process: Natural, dried on raised beds
  • Altitude: 1,950-2,100 meters
  • Producer: Smallholder Farmers

        Available in 12 oz