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La Colombe

La Colombe - Brazil Beleza - Medium Roast

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Sweet, Fruity, Nutty

Why You'll Love It:
Beleza, meaning 'beauty' in Portuguese, captures the classic taste of Brazilian coffee in its highest form. Beleza's sweet nuttiness and ripe berry flavors in a soft, creamy body display the peak of hundreds of years of coffee tradition.

Story of the Bean:
Brazil produces almost a third of all the coffee in the world every year, but despite its commonality, Brazilian coffee remains exotic, seductive, and evokes an album's worth of images from our love affair with coffee. This selection celebrates the beauty of this intimately familiar, yet ever-captivating coffee paramour. From Minas Gerais, in the heart of Brazilian coffee land, Beleza will make you fall in love every morning.

How It’s Made

  • Process: Sun-dried Natural
  • Altitude: 1100-1300 MASL
  • Region: Minas Gerais

Available in 12 oz