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RISHI Matcha Super Green / Organic Green Tea Sachets

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Matcha Super Green is an energizing and vibrant green tea made with pure Japanese matcha  mixed with  a  special  type  of  Japanese  tea  called  konacha. Konacha  is made  from  the  flaky  leaves and  tender  stems  that  are  sorted  out  during  the sencha  and  gyokuro  process.  With  its smaller  leaf  size,  konacha  delivers a rich and dewy flavor. You have probably tasted it before—it is the green tea of choice for sushi bars around the world. In just a quick two-minute infusion, Matcha Super Green yields a brilliant emerald green cup packed with umami-rich amino acids like L-theanine, which balances with caffeine to enhance mental clarity and create a long-lasting sense of focus.

Our greenest green, with vibrantly fresh matcha and deeply sweet sencha.



Organic green tea